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You are getting ready to live an important moment of your life like a pregnancy, a wedding or a birth? Would you like to discover the work of our photographers in images in order to find the professional who will meet your expectations? Discover our photo blog and its articles that will help you find inspiration for your future sessions with our photographers.

The articles of our photo blog

Wedding reportages | photo blog

The preparation of a wedding is a real headache for a couple. This one must begin long before the D-day in order to find the ideal providers who will know how to make this important day, the most beautiful day of your life. In our photo blog, you will find all the tips to make your life easier in the organization of this event. Thanks to advice from newlyweds who will help you with their testimonies or thanks to the beautiful photos of our different professional wedding photographers.

Couple's reports | photo blog

Few people think of immortalizing their couple with sublime images in a unique photographic style, taken by a professional photographer. Our photo blog might change your mind because the love that shines through in these shots taken by our best couple photographers, in studio or outdoors, in natural light will make your heart skip a beat and make you want to make an appointment with the photographer of your choice. If you are single, why not offer this original gift to a couple of friends? Many photographers offer a gift voucher for a session. This gift will be engraved forever in the photo album of your friends.

Birth stories | photo blog

Capturing the birth of a baby is something magical. Parents live a unique moment by immortalizing the first days of their newborn. In the articles of our photo blog dedicated to the birth, you will discover the unique experience lived by the parents but also the work of our photographers specialist. Birth photography is something that can be learned and perfected thanks to different photo trainings because it is necessary to master the luminosity, the framing, the background etc. in order to realize beautiful photos to sublimate your little one.

Pregnancy reports | photo blog

Pregnancy is a very emotional period for a couple. Joy, fear, stress, many feelings are mixed and this whirlwind of emotions can quickly take you away. It is therefore good to breathe and take a moment for yourself when you are pregnant by trusting a professional photographer who will sublimate your image. In our photo blog you will discover once again the testimonies of future mothers who have participated in these pregnancy sessions to inspire you and find the pregnancy photographer that suits you. The pregnancy photographer is a real artist behind his camera, that's why he has to do a real research to find the one made for you because each shot, each studio lighting, each post-production retouching and more globally each photo shooting will be different from one artist to another.

Family photo reports | photo blog

Taking family photos can be done in amateur, certainly, but you will never have the quality that a professional can bring you, the portrait photography will be perhaps blurred, it will not be retouched in post-processing, you will not have the good photographic material because a reflex is not enough to make a beautiful photo. Thanks to our photo blog you will be able to discover what being accompanied for a family session means thanks to the testimonials of our specialized photographers. You can discover photo shoots where good humor and laughter are apparent thanks to a few professional tricks such as a common pose or matching clothes.

Inspirations and photographers' portraits

Our inspirations articles

Like a portfolio, our inspirations articles are made to give you ideas and guide you for your next photo shoot and events. In these articles you will find all kinds of portraits that have been taken by our professionals during a wedding, portrait, family or pregnancy photo shoot... You will be able to find the photographer that suits you or to show, thanks to a photo, the style of poses that you want for example.

Our articles portraits of photographers

In this blog you will also find articles about photographers. These are photographers that we have decided to put forward for their work and their visions of photography. In these articles you will be able to discover these photographers thanks to an interview of this one and photos representing a part of its work. You will also discover the stories and career of each of these photographers.

The contest articles of our photo blog

Our contests for photography professionals

Every month, Regard d'auteur organizes a wedding contest or a portrait contest, presided over by a group of juries recognized in the profession, who rate and comment on the photos sent by professional photographers. Each contest has sub-themes such as black and white photography, baby photography, wildlife photography... At the end of each contest, the most beautiful photographs will be rewarded with different titles: challenger, honorable mention, awards and masterpiece, masterpiece being the highest distinction.

Photo blog on the rewarded images

In our photo blog, you will have the possibility to discover the rewarded images whether you are a professional or a private individual in the form of Top 10, articles tips or articles photographers of the year. You will see that succeeding in taking pictures or at least succeeding in taking magical pictures is not so easy. That's why every year professional photographers choose to become trainees in photography training in order to improve their know-how and skills: using a zoom lens, managing backlighting and having a good use of light, improving retouching and image processing in order to have beautiful prints...

Photographe de mariage : quel prix envisager ?

Photographe de mariage : quel prix envisager ?

Le prix du photographe de mariage est toujours un sujet à polémique : il peut être fonction de la qualité de la prestation de service, du rendu final des photos suite au reportage du jour J, ou encore d'autres critères comme la créativité […]

Photographe de mariage ou tonton Marcel ?

Photographe de mariage ou tonton Marcel ?

Quand vous recherchez un photographe professionnel de mariage, vous pouvez faire le choix de l'expérience et investir dans une démarche artistique, des photos créatives et  naturelles de votre couple et votre famille, prises sur le vif. […]

Photo de mariage : comment trouver votre style ?

Photo de mariage : comment trouver votre style ?

Quel style pour vos photos de mariage ?Les photographies de mariage ont beaucoup évolué. Pour nos grands parents, cela signifiait souvent un passage en studio chez le photographe le jour J, pour un portrait bien posé avec monsieur debout […]

Trouver LE bon photographe pour mon mariage

Trouver LE bon photographe pour mon mariage

Avant, chercher le bon photographe pour son mariage, c'était une vraie galère : les futurs mariés trouvaient des centaines de propositions sur le web, ils ne savaient pas faire la différence entre les professionnels et ceux qui font ça de […]

Les anecdotes cocasses des photographes de mariage

Les anecdotes cocasses des photographes de mariage

Quand on est photographes de mariage, on est parfois confrontés à des situations gênantes, burlesques ou encore incongrues. Voici quelques anecdotes véridiques vécues par les photographes de mariage membres de Regard d'auteur ! Petites […]

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