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Regard d’auteur, human values above all

The approach of Regard d’auteur

Human, qualitative, entrepreneurial

Regard d’auteur puts people first : because the entrepreneurial photographer is the driving force behind his business, kindness and tolerance are essential to individual progress.

The evolution of each one makes the strength of the group: the research of quality and the requirement in the process of artistic creation make it possible each year to many photographers to break through and to be known at the national and international level.

Before being a photographer, every business owner is an entrepreneur: we encourage the community to open up to the marketing and commercial dimensions essential to the development of their businesses.

Different profiles of photographers can be found: self-taught, trained in photo school or via e-learning and continuing education, part-time or full-time, each photographer brings his or her background and experience to the community. Everyone is welcome!

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Practicing fair trade

A fair distribution of revenues to combat uberization

Regard d’auteur is opposed to uberization and instead proposes solutions that are respectful and satisfactory for all: the photographer, the platform and the client. A remuneration system is set up to allow the client to find a photographer according to his budget, the photographer to make his know-how known at a reasonable budget and Regard d’auteur to remunerate its team at its fair value.

A project « made in France »

With its French team, Regard d’auteur focuses on youth

Regard d’auteur has chosen to focus on youth: our team is made up of young talents choosing the apprenticeship path in France. The startup was accompanied by an incubator in its early years and the support of young people is an integral part of the company’s dynamics. Once again, this is a community project that should be a success on a professional and human level as much for the photographers as for the young talents employed.

The Regard d’auteur team sets up professional services such as contests, training, etc. It also ensures all the operations allowing the visibility with the customers (future brides, future parents and parents).

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A common passion for photography

By photographers, for photographers

Regard d’auteur was founded by a photographer, for photographers. It is a community, a platform, a panel of professional tools designed to meet the specific needs of wedding and portrait photographers. Each tool is custom-built to meet the needs of professional photographers while remaining affordable and easy to use.

At the origin of the project, more than 100 experienced professional photographers met to define the rules of a common quality charter, which now guarantees the quality of images and performance of the many photographers selected on

Informing the consumer

The Quality Charter: enabling real choice, eyes closed

With its 13-point quality charter, Author’s Eye allows each client to choose from a selection of qualified professional photographers.

On the internet, in the absence of a diploma required for entry, any image enthusiast can quickly declare himself a professional photographer and offer services. Scams and disappointments of customers have multiplied since 2009 with the considerable increase in the number of photographers available.

Faced with this upsurge of unscrupulous photographers, Regard d’auteur’s mission is to present on our website only trustworthy photographers, allowing each couple of future bride and groom, future parents and parents to choose the style that suits them.

The Regard d’auteur team remains attentive to the respect of this charter and to the opinion of the customers after each service to guarantee the continuity of this quality of service.

Regard d’auteur and the photographers: we commit ourselves, you commit yourself

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Improving the lives of photographers

Objective : to make a living from your work

All Regard d’auteur’s collaborators (the RA team, the partners, the trainers as well as the instructors of the Education group) work with a common objective: to allow photographers to make a living from their profession.

Each action is designed to lighten the daily life of photographers: save time, find more clients, manage your business, increase your sales, improve your photo technique…

An international spirit

Trainers and international partners

This project made in France quickly opened up to the international scene with the arrival of European partners. Regard d’auteur now organizes training courses with speakers from many countries (Mexico, Canada, USA, Portugal, Romania…). The translation of the site into several languages and the opening to the best photographers from the 4 corners of the world allows us to offer photographers the best tools and the best skills to reach their objectives.

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