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Octobre rose 2021 & les photographes Regard d'auteur

This year, Regard d'auteur proposes its first charity photo project on the occasion of pink October. The community of professional photographers is mobilizing to create volunteer portraits of women all over France and Belgium! Each person photographed will receive a beautiful retouched portrait and will make a donation, of the amount of her choice, which will be realized on an online kitty. The money collected will be donated in full to one or more associations working for breast cancer research.

Making portraits as part of Pink October

Breast cancer affects nearly 60,000 women per year in France. It is the most common and deadliest cancer in women. As part of Pink October, professional photographers are joining forces to create beautiful portraits, which will raise donations for research. The images created will also be used as a communication medium to encourage preventive breast cancer screening and thus help reduce the number of people with the disease.

A collaborative photo project on the occasion of Pink October

Many professional photographers are in solidarity with this photo project on the occasion of Pink October. They are all craft photographers and have decided to support the Pink October movement in their own way by putting their know-how at the service of this cause. They will volunteer to take hundreds of portraits of women throughout France and Belgium.

Every professional photographer can participate and contribute their ideas to create a photo project all together, in a collaborative way.
An exchange group has been set up on Facebook: Pink October | Photographers in Solidarity

Official visual of our photo campaign for Pink October 2021

sila. graphic

The Pink October 2021 photo project & Regard d'auteur photographers

The " Pink October & Regard d'auteur photographers " photo project will take place throughout France and Belgium. They will then be broadcast on the website, on social networks as well as in the press.

The mini photo shoots will be conducted in early October, from 1 to 10 October 2021 inclusive, depending on the availability of each photographer.
The retouched portraits of women photographed will be available on from Monday, October 18, 2021.

The type of portraits created on the occasion of Pink October 2021

The portraits made will be portraits of women " topless ", that is to say, without wearing clothing above the navel.

The chest may be apparent or hidden:
- by the woman's hands,
- by the hands of her man/wife for photos as a couple,
- by an accessory such as a cloth headband or a hat, for example

The "topless" is desired for the coherence of the images as a whole, but not mandatory: if a person really does not wish to be naked on the upper body, she may quite make a portrait as well!

The photographed women will sign an authorization of publication of the image allowing to communicate the realized portrait on the website, on the websites of the photographers, on the websites of the partners as well as in the press and on the social networks. Any use of these images will of course be made in the respect due to each woman photographed and the images will not be used without the consent of the persons photographed.

Processing and back-planning

From September 20 to 30:
> Each woman who wishes to take her portrait as part of Pink October books her session by email indicating the photographer she has chosen (by email to [email protected])
> The photographer concerned will contact the person to confirm the place and time of the appointment

From October 1 to 10:
the photo shoot is done on site on the day

From October 18:
> each person photographed discovers their photos from October 18 on regardauteur. com

The photographers' specifications

Pink October 2021 and the Regard d'auteur photographers

Each volunteer photographer will take portraits of women according to the specifications decided in a collaborative way

> on a single day of shooting: no later than October 10, 2021. Only one location will be used: in a photo studio, at home or at another location of your choice.

> The portraits will be topless (no clothing on the upper body) women portraits, in color or black and white, with the aim of raising awareness of breast cancer screening.
The women who volunteer to pose will be free to choose with the photographer whether or not to hide their breasts, to stand or sit, etc.

> The objective for each photographer is to create a series of coherent images: only one portrait will be selected per person photographed. The same place and the same light will bring coherence to the different portraits created by the same photographer.
Regard d'auteur will thus be able to highlight a professional community with varied styles.

NB: kitsch or vulgar images will not be accepted: keep it simple, elegant, modern, express your sensitivity to reach the general public and raise awareness of breast cancer screening. Avoid frames, accessories or other artifices that could quickly give a "déjà vu" to your images.

The photographers who support this event are also invited to involve professional makeup artists and hairdressers located near them if they wish, to offer a beauty treatment to the women who will be photographed.

> Following the photo shoots, a donation will be sent by each woman photographed, directly to the online fund indicated below in the page. All donations collected will go in equal parts to two associations fighting against breast cancer. No sales may be made by a photographer or partner as part of this operation: additional sales of photos are not permitted.

I want to become a Pink October 2021 support photographer

To become a volunteer photographer for the event, complete the necessary information by September 30, 2021: https://forms. gle/SmZGRstffv8n4Dgd9

How to participate in the Pink October 2021 photo project

To participate in the Pink October 2021 photo project & Author's Eye photographers, select the option below that matches you.

Posing for Pink October

Create an original portrait for Pink October and make a donation for research !

Become a solidarity photographer

Be one of the many volunteer photographers and create a series of portraits for Pink October

Become a Partner

Support the photographers’ action for Pink October and make a donation for research

Our photographers in solidarity with Pink October 2021

Jeremy Andrieux

Jeremy Andrieux

62172 Bouvigny Boyeffles

Nathalie  Aparisi

Nathalie Aparisi

33350 St Magne De Castillon

Céline  Aubert

Céline Aubert

41400 St Georges Sur Cher

Angélique Bloquet

Angélique Bloquet

56400 Auray

Nathalie Brasseur

Nathalie Brasseur

5660 Couvin (BE)

Marie Buffard

Marie Buffard

11620 Villemoustaussou

Estelle Carlier

Estelle Carlier

59000 Lille

Fabienne  Chevalley

Fabienne Chevalley

74140 Douvaine

Amandine Chiriaeff

Amandine Chiriaeff

02600 Saint-pierre-aigle, Aisne

Aurore Chouc

Aurore Chouc

06380 Sospel

Melanie-Cassandre Danede

Melanie-Cassandre Danede

33510 Andernos

samedi 9 octobre de 9h à 18h
9 avenue des frères Montgolfier 33510 Andernos les bains

Emilie Dutilleul

Emilie Dutilleul

59215 Abscon

Sabrina Esteves

Sabrina Esteves

27600 Gaillon

Céline François - Thomas

Céline François - Thomas

35130 La Guerche De Bretagne

Solange Gerard

Solange Gerard

33240 La Lande-de-fronsac, Aquitaine, France

Sandrine Goguin

Sandrine Goguin

6741 Vance (BE)

Patrick Kedzia

Patrick Kedzia

59420 Mouvaux

Melany Labat

Melany Labat

40380 Onard

Klopocki Laetitia

Klopocki Laetitia

82290 La Ville Dieu Du Temple

Pascal Lecoeur

Pascal Lecoeur

14540 Saint Aignan De Cramesnil

Carbonnier Marie

Carbonnier Marie

94700 Maisons-alfort

Royer Marine

Royer Marine

46100 Figeac

Aurélie Noël

51100 Reims

Christel Obry

Christel Obry

27100 Val De Reuil

Sébastien Ollivier

Sébastien Ollivier

59530 Villers Pol

Virginie Peigne

Virginie Peigne

34400 Saint-just

Valérie  Petit

Valérie Petit

21170 Laperriere S/ Saone

Marie Lou Photographie

Marie Lou Photographie

10390 Verrieres

Marion Picq

49123 Champtocé-sur-loire, Pays De La Loire, France

Estelle Rouchouse

Estelle Rouchouse

49123 Ingrandes Le Fresne Sur Loire

Cris Salvador

Cris Salvador

4100 Seraing (BE)

Thomas Vigliano

Thomas Vigliano

73100 Aix Les Bains

Les partenaires d'octobre rose 2021 & les photographes Regard d'auteur

Who is behind Sila.graphic?

We are happy and proud to introduce our first partner: the Graphic Designer sila.graphic

Sila.graphic designer pink october author's gaze

Pink October 2021 designer and photographers Author's Gaze

Hello, I'm Laurha!
Graduated from a master 2 in Communication and Strategic Marketing option Graphic Design, I wanted to put my skills at the service of companies and individuals in order to offer them an identity to their image.
So naturally, in January 2020, the desire to undertake pushed me to create Sila graphic, a company based on graphic creation, but also on support via training and coaching.

But then why this name?

Originally Polish, I decided to inscribe my family history in Sila, which means Strength of character. A name that resonates as a matter of course in every project in my life. And why not in every project you will do in yours with me.
A strong name for a company with strong values. Passion, boldness and confidence are the rhythms of my core business today.

Find his latest achievements on instagram:

Pink October banner 2021

Le don aux associations | Octobre rose 2021

A French association and a Belgian association

For this first edition, we have chosen to support the actions of the French association RoseUP ( and the Belgian association ThinkPink (

Each woman photographed will make a donation, following the photo session, of a free amount paid on the online kitty planned for Pink October 2021. The total amount of the donations collected will be given in equal parts to the two associations.

Donation collection

RoseUp, French association for pink October

RoseUp  accompanies,  informs  and  defends the  rights  of  women  affected  by  cancer; affected by cancer during and after cancer RoseUp  is an association of general interest founded by patients and their families.

RoseUP wishes to "participate in the construction of a society in which all women would have the necessary weapons to be actors of their healing." Their ambition is to allow women facing cancer to continue their lives as women, wives, mothers and professionals during and after their cancer; and after the treatments, but also to feel less alone in the face of the disease by allowing them to belong to a community.
(this text is an excerpt from the content available on the association's website).

More info on RoseUP:

Think  Pink  association  Belgian  with  multiple actions

Think  Pink  is  the national  organization  of the fight against breast cancer and fights every  day  day  for  people  affected by the disease and their families. inform and raise awareness defend the rights of the patient finance specific research in the context of breast cancer support care projects during and after breast cancer treatment.

It meets four objectives:
* inform and educate
* advocate for patient rights
* fund specific breast cancer research
* support projects of care during and after breast cancer treatment

Think  Pink  stands out  in particular  by  the  3  funds  it  has set up  in order  to meet its goals.

The Coupe d'Eclat Fund
Provides financial support for the purchase of a Love Charlie wig or cap.

The Share Your Care Fund
The  Share  your  Care  Fund  allows  sick  to  receive  a little  help  or  special
attention during difficult times.

The SMART Fund
The  SMART  Fund enables  support  for  innovative  scientific projects  in  breast cancer screening, treatment and monitoring.

More info on Think Pink:

Donate for Pink October

Donate now at

Authorization to use the image

Download the document to be signed in duplicate by each person photographed

Make a donation

Make a donation on the online kitty, paid in equal parts to the 2 associations

Press Kit

Download the Press Releases and the Press Kit and send them to your media contacts !

Portraits for Pink October

Pink October gallery 2021

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