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Imagine for a moment that you are looking for a hotel to spend a dream night with your sweetheart : you certainly don’t want to take the risk of having a bad experience, especially if your last vacation was several years ago. Beyond the customer reviews available on the internet, you would certainly like to have the recommendation of a guide before booking.

RA is like a photographer’s guide for the client: we recommend the best photographers near them! In your turn, be part of the recommended photographers and communicate it on your website, your social networks and in all your communication media. Like your clients, the press also loves awards: write to the local newspapers or blogs you like to get new articles!

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SEO is one of the keys for photographers’ visibility on Google. But as you know, preparing blog posts takes time, a lot of time ! This is without counting the money to invest in consulting agencies and website optimization, as well as all the technical elements to take into account to write an article that will be read by many visitors each month and appreciated by Google. Regard d’auteur performs this technical and time-consuming work for you: You will be easily positioned at the top of the search results on many keywords.

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Get each month new visits from qualified clients looking for a photographer. Benefit from a direct link to your website : potential clients will be able to discover your artistic universe and contact you from your usual contact form. You will also be able to follow the number of visitors coming from us : you will receive by mail a complete report allowing you to better position yourself on the market.

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