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Our trainers

Each of the trainers who collaborate with Regard d'auteur is rigorously selected, in order to bring the same high quality of training to all our trainees.

The selection of trainers

Trainers who give it their all

At Regard d'auteur, the skills of the trainer are paramount to the success of the trainings. Our trainers are selected according to 3 main criteria:

technical mastery

of the topic they teach. Our trainers are experts in their field, they rely on their experience, their readings and their own trainings to bring you the most complete contents, regularly updated.

the pedagogy

of the trainers. It is the ability to transmit one's knowledge: one can be an excellent photographer but not be at ease when it comes to transmitting one's knowledge. Our trainers set up fun workshops, group work or one to one sessions, exercises and much more content designed to promote your learning.

the will to transmit EVERYTHING

without any secret on the methods that made their success. Because our primary ambition is to enable you to reach your goals, you will be able to ask all your questions  without concessions before, during and after your training :)

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Thibaut Bissuel

Advanced trainers and trainee trainers

There are two trainer profiles at Regard d'auteur:

Advanced trainers,

who have solid experience as a trainer and are able to deliver training immediately.

trainee trainers,

who are offered an apprenticeship phase: they alternate phases of training and evaluation of their skills before being able to train in turn.They will only be able to teach once their pedagogical skills have been validated.

Each trainer collaborating with Regard d'auteur signs a mutual commitment contract: an optimal quality of training is thus proposed at each session.

Now, discover the proposed themes, the training programs and the opinions of the last trainees!

Des offres adaptées à chaque formateur / formatrice

Customized support according to your needs

Regard d'auteur's ambition is to offer the most qualitative and complete panel of training for professional photographers. To do this, we provide our platform for creating OPCO documents and our communication services to all trainers already installed.

Delegate the administrative part

Sincerely, which trainer would not want to delegate the administrative management of its training?

If you are already an established trainer and would also like to benefit from more visibility for your trainings, we have the solution to make you known!

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Thibaut Bissuel

Qualiopi certification

A guarantee of seriousness and quality for our trainings

After obtaining the DATADOCK certification in 2019, Regard d'auteur is now QUALIOPI certified. This official certification in France comes to reward the seriousness and the quality of our trainings since 2018, it is also an essential step to continue to propose to the trained photographers a coverage of their training, as it is the case on the entirety of the trainings proposed on our website.

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Are you a trainer? What are your needs?

Our solutions for photography trainers

Management of administrative documents

For trainers who already have their organization and habits. A simple formula with 60 euros for each trainee

Workshops Administration and Marketing

For trainers who also need marketing for their training. A good compromise for those who manage the organization on site.

Complete workshop management

For trainers who are looking for an all-inclusive formula. On the program: administration, communication and complete organization.

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Vous aimeriez devenir formateur / formatrice ?

If the transmission of your knowledge is essential for you, write us by email indicating your professional background in photography (diplomas, experiences, number of clients, trainings followed) as well as your motivations to become a trainer. The Regard d'auteur team will propose a first meeting by video.


Regard d’auteur’s trainers

Do you need help?

Feel free to call us, we are here to help!


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